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  • Apples and brandy

    Please can someone tell me if I can make something with our glut of apples - also had a bottle of brandy given to us so would be great to use that as well. Someone mentioned calvados? Would that be possible? Many thanks for your help.

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    Keep the Brandy out of the equation - at least in terms of brewing/distilling.
    Calvados is Brandy made from apples but you need to a distillation system to make it which could lead to customs and excise...

    Apple wine is probably the easiest option - lots of recipes online. Cider needs pressing etc. and is a bit more work.

    Worse comes to worse, take a bite of apple, then a shot of Brandy. Wash and repeat
    1574 gin and tonics please Monica, large ones.


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      Sure you could poach/flambé the apples in the booze.


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        Thanks Baldy - the apple wine sounds good - already have damsons in vodka - also the flambéd apples just up our street - my mouth is watering!!!


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          Or maybe you could make your version of this:

          Essentially, make juice using your apples, mix with the brandy (OK, not apple in your case), store in a wooden barrel for 30 months and then drink.
          Buying a barrel wouldn't be cheap and storing it for 30 months before drinking might be difficult, but...
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            Busy day - found recipe courtesy of Nigel Slater (Guardian). So today made apricot brandy using dried apricots - will leave for a month then will let you all know how it tastes! Also used some of our apples and we have two gallons of apple wine fermenting in a large bucket - the apples are cooked and the juice is strained so the cooked apples will go into turnovers. This was a difficult task because husband was putting in a macerator and I could not get to the sink so very difficult trying to get a gallon of water into a saucepan.

            We are not drinkers so quite a few bottles are given away.


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              The apple wine is doing fine - bubbling away in Demi john - gradually clearing but I know will take a few months. The apricot brandy is wow - absolutely delicious - has a real kick to it.


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