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Thread: GYO editorial assistant with a growing question for you to answer!

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    Rose C is offline Germinator
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    Jan 2019

    Post GYO editorial assistant with a growing question for you to answer!

    Hi there growers! My name is Rose and I am the new editorial assistant at Grow Your Own. To introduce myself, I thought I'd get stuck in by asking you all a quick question. Answers might even be featured in March's issue in our allotment inspirations page! The question is, when winter is over, what spring job in the garden excites you the most? Responses could include what you like to grow, or any other jobs you love getting stuck into when spring has finally sprung! I can't wait to hear your thoughts.

    All best,

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    Snoop Puss's Avatar
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    I'm not the first person to have looked at your question, Rose, but I'm amazed I'm the first person to answer: sowing seeds.

    Lots of twitchy fingers and plenty of people with their propagators already out by the look of the threads.
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    lottie dolly's Avatar
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    Mo job as such,but love to have a look around for what is peeping through the soil,buds on shrubs and fruit bushes,the soil just nice to pull out weeds,it's the exitement of another new season off hope.
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    Bren In Pots's Avatar
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    Hello and welcome to the vine Rose

    The job I like best is giving my greenhouse a good spring clean to start off the new growing season.
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    Baldy's Avatar
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    Welcome along...

    I personally like clearing some space for the heated propagator and the grow lights - dodging my wife's objections to seed trays on the windowsills and getting the seeds to germinate...

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    Cadalot's Avatar
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    Nov 2015
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    March Hopefully by now I I'm finishing the overwinter infrastructure jobs and finally brushing off my two portable LED grow stations that I have in my man cave / broom cupboard home office and getting an early start on germinating seedlings that can then go out into the Grow Station out in the brick shed constructed over the small under the counter freezer. My only wish is that I had more space or my little Triffids permission to remover her ornaments off the window ledges and replace with small propagators.
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    veggiechicken's Avatar
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    Hi Rose and welcome. You have the perfect name for a gardening magazine.

    Spring to me means clearing the greenhouse staging ready for all the seedlings that I'll have been growing on in the house since January, like tomatoes. Starting cucumbers, courgettes and beans and wandering around the garden enjoying the spring flowers.
    Its my favourite time of the year.
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    Aberdeenplotter is offline Gardening Guru
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    For me, getting the propagator on the go is a winter job getting ready for spring and likewise digging the vegetable beds over. Although today was a tad chilly up here to start with, it turned spring like mid morning and I headed in to my allotment(26 miles each way). I spent 2½hours hours tidying up. No real organisation about it. I started at the top of the plot and first of all removed the remnants of last years clabrese plants. The soft foliage went in to the compost bin, the stems were set aside to get smashed up a bit with a big hammer before they go into the compost bin and the roots were bagged up ready to go to the tip. Roots to the tip because there is a problem with clubroot in the plot.

    I then moved down a bit and set about tidying up last years chrysanthemum plants. I'm a novice with them - well they are flowers and you can't eat them, but I do want to propagate some young plants from the new growth.

    Final job was to get the hoe going in among the new strawberry plants. We had tremendous weed growth at the tail end of the year as nature caught up after the arid summer. All in all the areas I had worked on were left looking ship shape and that is such a good feeling.

    I've had to commit to doing some work in and around the house tomorrow so no more plotting this week but if the weather holds I'll manage another couple of sessions next week
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