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    Default home made cold smoker

    The cold smoker project is underway. Today I am mostly smoking cheese and chile peppers. All you need is a soldering iron (3.50 from ebay), a bag of wood pellets (4.99 from, tin foil, a cardboard box, some cheese and peppers.

    Instructions: make a tin foil parcel filled with a small handful of wood pellets (I used pecan wood, which is like hickory, but less powerful). Put a small hole in the top of the foil packet and insert the soldering iron into the side of the packet. Switch on the soldering iron. Place a piece of cheese (garlic bulb, peppers, whatever) next to the soldering iron and cover both with a cardboard box. The box will fill with smoke. Leave for a couple of hours.

    It is supposed to be a cold smoker meaning the food doesn't heat up. An hour into the process and the cheese is still cold. I had thought I'd have to carry the smoke from the main box to another box using a cardboard tube to cool it, but it appears not.

    You have to try this! For less than 10 outlay you get a great food smoker. And it is so simple. You can even choose the flavour of the woodsmoke - Hickory, Mesquite, Apple, Sugar Maple, Pecan, Oak, Cherry, Black Walnut, Orange, Sassafras, Mulberry, Jack Daniels(!), Savory Herb or Alder.

    *The photo below shows a tin can rather than a tin foil packet. This is because I started out with a tin can, but it didn't work too well - too much oxygen, not enough smoke.

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    Very ingenious unconcerned!

    Just make sure your home insurance is up to date!
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    Brilliant! I bought my OH a book on smoking and curing for Xmas as he'd expressed an interest after watching Hugh FW's fish programme where a burly Scot had one in his back garden. On opening his present he didn't seem too thrilled though (looked too complicated i guess) but apparently not! I will print off this thread. Thanks unconcerned!
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    Very clever but I can see why some members 'are concerned'. The smoke must leak out into the house. Soldering irons are quite high wattage and there is a worry about the wood catching fire. I am sure your process could be refined I will let you know if I have any ideas. If you have any more refinements please post them as I have loads of Mackerel in the freezer that I have kept to smoke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brewer-again View Post
    . Soldering irons are quite high wattage and there is a worry about the wood catching fire.
    I'd be more worried about the plastic melting and burning!
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    My mum's a cold smoker.
    All gardeners know better than other gardeners." -- Chinese Proverb.

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