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10 FREE lottery lines for you


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  • Jungle Jane
    I think hopefully everyone would know it's a con as they're asking for bank details,never give out your bank details for free stuff!

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  • burnie
    If that is not illegal, it should be, I wonder how many folk they've misled.

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  • Small pumpkin
    I read it and couldn't actually find the catch but I knew there'd be one!
    Thanks VC
    It'll make very good fire lighting material.

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  • Bren In Pots
    Mine went straight into the shredder VC, it'll be handy to line my kitchen caddie.

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  • veggiechicken
    started a topic 10 FREE lottery lines for you

    10 FREE lottery lines for you

    That caught your attention didn't it?

    Its an enclosure with the latest GYO magazine (Dec 2017).
    As I knew you'd be tempted I've taken some pics so you can read it for yourselves.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	DSCF9159.jpg
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Name:	DSCF9160.jpg
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Name:	DSCF9157.jpg
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    Of course, you have to be a "loyal Subscriber" to the magazine to take up this offer which came from Alice Green, Head of Customer Service.

    Ahh, thought I, a new member of the GYO team! How nice of Alice to make me this special offer.

    Now I may be nuts, but I'm not stupid.

    Alice Green is actually Head of Customer Service at Yourlottoservice UK and a quick bit of goggling comes up with the T&Cs attached to your "free" offer.
    Terms and Conditions | Yourlottoservice UK Limited | Lottery Syndicate

    Here are some extracts:-

    5. Free Lines Offer
    1. From time to time we may offer new customers the chance to try our Service without charge by participating in a Free Lines Offer.
    2. If you decide to take part in a Free Lines Offer, the following provisions will apply:
    • Each new player will be entitled to participate in a Free Lines Offer only once.
    • You will have to register with us by contacting our call centre and by doing so you will go
      through the Registration procedure described above in clause 3.

    The Registration procedure that you have to go through is at clause 3

    3. How the contract is formed between you and us
    1. In order to participate in a Syndicate and take advantage of the Services, you must register to become a Member by contacting our call centre and completing the Registration process.
    2. During Registration, you will be required to provide the following information: your name, postal
      address, email address, date of birth, gender, phone number, details of payment card or bank account number satisfactory to us, and such other information and documentation (such as forms of identification) as we may request. Please note that all calls with our call centre are recorded.

    In case you're still tempted you need to know that

    We have set our minimum purchase limit to 50 per month and our default and maximum upper financial limit to 1000 a month

    I'm not by nature a Ranter but this letter, purporting to come from GYO to their "loyal subscribers" has really made me cross. If I had an email asking me for my bank account details I would consider it to be Spam and bin it.- I shall be doing the same with this letter and I advise you all to do the same.

    In my view, it does GYO no favours and I'm astounded by the inclusion of this "offer".
    Last edited by veggiechicken; 04-11-2017, 07:25 PM. Reason: Adding spaces

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