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March issue, FREE potato growing kit, question?


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  • March issue, FREE potato growing kit, question?

    Hi I am new here but do buy the magazine from my local garden centre,
    well today hubby went to buy his seed potatoes and I picked up the Grow Your Own mag because of the Free potato growing kit advert on the front, well I got it home only to find the offer closed on the 29th February 2016 I am confused, we are still in March but I can't use this offer, disapointed as wanted some of the patio raspberry plants too. Has anyone else found this to? surely the offer should be valid for the month of the magazine issue?

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    That's not the most recent copy of the magazine. The April issue came out about a week ago. The garden centre should have taken those March issues off the shelf and replaced with the newest edition.


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      March issue

      yes the garden centre have got the April issue, the point I was making was that it is still March but the Free offer on the magazine expires in February surely it should be the end of March? So the Magazine is available a month in advance but the free offers expire a month early? it doesn't seem fair in my opinion.


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        I've just bought the March mag too...didn't notice that the expiry date for that offer was February either!


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          Hello PetalH and welcome. I'm sorry that your first post on the Forum is a complaint!!

          I'll pass your comments (and Jay22s) to the Magazine's Admin section for comments.
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            I do think that people should be aware that GYO magazine (in line with many others) sell magazines marked 'a month in advance', currently we are in March & the magazine for sale is dated April, magazine racks that sell out of date volumes are to blame for your disappointment & as such should be on the recieving end of this particular complaint
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