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Tomatillo nibbled, oddly


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  • Tomatillo nibbled, oddly

    I've been growing tomatillos for the last 5 or so years, & always found them very resistant to bugs and diseases. I was potting up some from my blow-away this week, and noticed a weird, distinctive pattern of holes on one of the plants' leaves. I was hoping someone might recognise the culprit - and let me know how serious. I still have about 20 tomatillos and tomatoes in there that need potting up, plus I don't want to spread any nasties around my other plants! (hopefully photo will work!)

    Click image for larger version

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    I wouldn't worry about it - there's always beasties around that will eat plants, slugs for example - so the trick is to get it past the stage where you get a go at eating some of it too - looks like you are more or less there with that one.

    My first time having a shot at growing tomatillos this year, I've got a purple type. The plants seem to be flowering away happily and getting the occasional visit from the bumbles - so hopefully there will be some fruit in due course.


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      Thanks Nick, appreciate the positive waves!

      Generally my tomatillos attract a steady stream of bees

      Oh, and when you do get a lovely harvest, don't be put off with just the salsa verde that the internet thinks is the only use for them! Roast them with everything else you can think of!


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        You're very welcome - as you may have guessed I share my garden with a rich panoply of hungry wildlife big and small, so I've become inured to settling for part of anything I grow, though I still resent the deer eating all my rose bushes. :-)

        Thanks for the tip on the tomatillos - I like sharp tastes, so I'll try a few raw too.


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