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  • drowning weeds

    anyone done this?
    (just in case I am talking nonsense, I recall reading somewhere you can make weeds safe for compost if you leave them in a bucket of water for a couple of weeks).

    I've left them two weeks (and they'll get at least another week), so I wonder if they are done yet?

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    Mine go into a water butt that also contains nettles and comfrey - stinks to high heaven - only empty it out round about now onto the compost pile. Use the liguid as feed.
    Only things I don't throw in are buttercup and couch grass - as they seem to find it an acceptable growing medium...

    Couch and buttercup generally get laid out to dry and then incinerated and the ashes used on the soil
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      I've done it, and it works - but it took much longer than two or three weeks for the weed roots to decompose to the point where I was confident they were dead. Mind you, there were a lot of solid roots - docks, nettles, and bindweed. I think I left one batch for about six months...


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