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Tomatillo leaf attack


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  • Tomatillo leaf attack

    This is the first year i have tried growing tomatillo plants. The leaves on many of the plants seem to be affected. They look yellowed on the surface but underneath are raised bumps. If left the leaves look burned and drop. I have picked off all affected leaves in the hope that will limit it.
    Wondered if anyone knows what it may be and whether it will spread to my tomatoes which are close by.
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    Never grown them but I found this on google. What is a Tomatillo? (with pictures)


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      Do you think it might be oedema? They could be getting too much water,is drainage & ventilation around the plant ok? Do you have a photo,it might be something that won't affect other plants?


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        So on further investigation it would seem to be oedema affecting the plants although it definitely looks more serious than a watering issue when you see the underside of the leaf.
        The photos posted on this thread are almost identical to mine. Pest or disease on tomatillo leaves - Kitchen Garden Magazine Forums
        Reassured that it will not affect other crops if this is the correct diagnosis.


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