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Fruit tree novice with unhappy pear tree


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  • Fruit tree novice with unhappy pear tree

    Last year bought 4 gourmet fruit trees, apple, cherry, plum and pear. 3 of them are growing really well and have a fair bit of fruit on them but my pear is looking very sick, although it too has fruit.
    Allthe leaves are turning black and some of fruit is looking deformed. I have attached a pic of leaves below.
    Any advice on what this might be would be and how to get rid of it would be most appreciated.
    Just started growing fruit trees got lots to learn.


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    It could be fireblight, which if it is means the tree will have to be destroyed, I found this on the internet as a guide
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      It could be fireblight - hard to be sure as that is not a common disease and I've never seen a case of it, except in photos.

      My reaction would be to water the ground in the hopes that the problem is related to lack of rain. A hose left on at a trickle so that water soaks in rather than running off is best - say about 12 hrs to really soak the ground and see if that makes a difference. If not then it more or less has to be one disease or another and quite likely the tree will die.

      BTW you could try sending a photo to the supplier of your tree - you never know a refund/replacement may be possible.


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        Thank you it does sound like my quartet of trees may become a trio.


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          This definitely isn't fire blight. You would know if it were fire blight. It kills whole leaves and stems very quickly, and the dead sections end up completely blackened, as though burnt (hence the name).

          I would say it is almost certainly pear blister mite. There's nothing you can do to control it, but fortunately the damage it does is more cosmetic than anything, and should not significantly affect the health of the tree or the crop.


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