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Needing fleece in August!


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  • Needing fleece in August!

    Just had a bit of a shock in that I was looking at the weather forecast for tomorrow night and it says to expect 5C

    Looks like I'll need to be thinking about covering up my outdoor chillies and tomatoes!

    Anyone else nudging a near-frost experience?????

    It's August for goodness sake!
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    Only 7.5C here this morning - woke up cold in the night and had to find the quilt Brrr! we're also forecast 5C tonight. Have I really got to cover or harvest all my ripening squash already. Bizarre weather this year, flip-flppping from one extreme to the other!


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      7C here this morning, with an expected high of 15C.

      I was taking a rather hands-off approach to my garden this time last year due to an impending exam, and I wasn't growing nearly as much anyway so I'm a little stumped about what to do with everything and when.

      Things I am concerned about:

      *Crystal lemon cucumbers - presume I just keep harvesting when ripe until they die off, as I can't move these plants indoors. But should I be thinking about covering them at night, and at what kind of temperatures?

      *Patty pan squash - I'm due to harvest my first one today! Again, do they need covering?

      *Aubergines - these are actually fruiting, but the largest fruit is still only the size of a golf-ball. I was thinking it might be time to move them back into my sun-room, as the plants probably won't be able to sustain many more fruit than they have now, so they don't need to be outside for the pollinators.

      Most of the rest is root veg. or greens (or things like my runner beans that are already going over), so they will just keep going until frost gets them.


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