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    Eb - not sure if I spelt it correctly! (my spelling is a bit haywire at the moment!) just have a listen to Peter Kay - I'm sure he'll pronounce it correctly!
    M - I'm having a "reet good giggle" remembering the last threads and their contents! DDL
    Bernie aka DDL

    Appreciate the little things in life because one day you will realise they are the big things


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      You should add some compost from a previous batch to get it going. Then Men can pee on it. It acts as an accelorator.

      You can add any animal Dung but not scats....So Cow, Horse, Rabbit, Hippo and Elephant are ok. Monkey, Human, Lion, Cat Dog are not. If you really want to know the diferance between dung and scats I will do another post.

      If you want to add food scraps I would get a food Digestor. You need to add an enzime and move the "Pod" regularly as they don't do the earth much good.
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        we add man wee and chuck and duck poo along with the bedding, and grass cuttings in the big composter, averything else goes in the wormery, its great they eat anything!!
        Yo an' Bob
        Walk lightly on the earth
        take only what you need
        give all you can
        and your produce will be bountifull


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