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  • Buying Plug Plants

    Thatís it.
    Iím finished.
    Not going to buy any more flower plug plants from the ďbig boysĒ again.
    I have had so many disappointments over the years - and this year has been a million times worse than usual.
    Why did I just keep going back for more!!!
    Damaged plants, dried out rubbish, sickly nasty things - Iíve had the lot sent to me.
    In future itís seeds all the way.

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    I usually stick to seeds, but have had the opposite experience in that the few plants I ordered have all been very good - most recently an Ebay buy of Primula Candelabra Bulleyana arrived all right and tight, and the plants took to the soil no problem - as a bonus one plug contained two plants, so I got 7 for the price of 6 :-)

    I would be a bit wary of ordering from large firms, as I've heard a few bad reports like your's.


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      Honestly - if you had seen what had arrived today you would have laughed out loud or wept!
      A box of loose, broken, brittle zinnia Moldova that I ordered at the end of last year.
      Waited ages to receive this box of rubbish.
      Have also received dreadful geraniums, awful cosmos and even worse scabious this year.
      All from different suppliers - but all the big well known names.
      So they are all as bad as each other.
      My own seed grown cosmos and scabious are far better.
      Learnt my lesson/ wonít do it again.


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        That should have read zinnia Molotov - not Moldova!


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          Yes I can imagine - its a real let down when that sort of thing happens - I reckon I got lucky last year, as I ordered 4 different types of live plants from Parker's, and they all were fine


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