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surprised by unintended cuttings


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  • surprised by unintended cuttings

    I daresay others have done this, but today I noticed that some buddleia branches I stuck in the ground have started growing.

    What happened was that I bought a plum tree bare root last year ( March? ) and planted as usual with some wire netting round it to deter the deer. Anyway I had to find some branches to support the wire and as there was a buddleia near by I used some 6' lengths out of that which are now showing new leaves.

    Just shows what you can get for free, even when you don't want it :-)

    (please move this as best mods - wasn't sure which section to put it in)

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    I pruned back a peach tree as it had to be moved and poked the odd bits into the ground alongside a fence, as I couldn't bring myself to throw away healthy growth.
    Seems I'm growing a peach hedge as they've all taken and are flowering.
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