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Mushroom compost and aminopryalid


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  • Mushroom compost and aminopryalid

    Hello, bought some shroom compost and am wondering if I should test it before applying.

    Has anyone had bad experience with the stuff?

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    Why not contact the supplies/manufactures?
    As far as I am aware there is a risk with mushroom compost.
    No harm in sowing a few beans to check it out whilst you are waiting to hear from them though.
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      Yups. Better safe than sorry


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        yikes infection? what infection risk please
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          I've used mushroom compost on my raised beds. Just dont use it on raspberries.


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            My Dad used to use it regularly as a soil improver back in the 1960' and 70's, never did me any harm...………………….never did me any harm...…………………..never did...…………….
            I am unsure what could be harmful in it?
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              It wasn't invented when you were a lad Burnie... (don't think it was when i was a lad either).

              Aminopryalid is a form of weedkiller that only attacks broad-leaved plants. So it's used to clear pasture for cows.

              Problem is that it doesn't degrade quickly and comes out of the other end of the cow still working. So when you plant broad-leaved plants in it, they die.

              Shroom compost is a bit older (as it's been used once), but paradoxically may make things worse as the problem is now known about, but probably wasn't when the cow ate the grass.

              Annoying as it's a bit pongy and I don't want to leave it at my house, but then I need to have the test plants somewhere I can keep an eye.



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                Yeah I'd test it first.

                But I say that.... and I got horse manure from someone last summer in absolute van loads, but I never tested that first.

                But yeah.. test it first! Do I say, don't do as I do lol


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