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Wormeries and compost bins 2020


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    Sadly I am not allowed pets!
    I Bokahsi all cooked waste before it goes in the main compost. And the Liquid is used for feed. I picked up a cheaper hot bin and will start using that as well for more rapid turn around.
    Good to see all your pictures though.
    The thing I grow best are very large slugs!


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      This is my Can'O'Worms that I bought about 13 years ago. It only has one tray at the moment as I restarted it last month after a long hiatus - I had trouble with ants one hot summer, hence the legs are now all sitting in upcycled milk cartons or cola bottles!

      The new worms seem to be doing well. I'm being quite cautious this time and feeding them slowly to begin with - thanks to my new Green Johanna (to the right of the wormery) I don't need to process a lot of food scraps. I'm more interested in the worm castings as a high-nutrient ingredient that I can mix with coir (which was one of the few garden materials I could get hold of at the beginning of lockdown) to make homemade potting compost. It'll be a good few months before I can do that, but dehydrated coir keeps well and doesn't take up much space.

      ETA: Looking at this photo, I notice I added some dead leaves from the garden - and having just re-read my original Can'O'Worms leaflet (which says the worms don't like them), I'm now thinking I should fish them out!

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