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Bugs, Woodchip and Compost


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  • Bugs, Woodchip and Compost

    I woodchipped my whole garden with fresh arborist woodchip.
    I have a lidded compost bin that is somewhat reasonably covered with paper/carbon bits.
    I also have a pallet bin full of leftover arborist woodchip.
    And raised beds with some exposed soil/ compost.

    I also have a lot of bugs. Like the gnatty annoying swarmy little black bugs, some larger fly-ish bugs. Is this inevitable with all of the above, or am I doing something wrong? (I worry about annoying my neighbour with all the bugs, and have been frantically laying out all of the yellow sticky paper)

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    Bugs tend to be short lived and balance up with predators after a little time - only thing to be wary of is stagnant water in tubs or whatever, which can lead to hordes of mosquitoes later in the year - a bit of veg oil added to a stagnant water butt is the easiest remedy.


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