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  • We've got a swarm!

    Yesterday, our neighbour's children knocked on the door to tell us that there were a lot of bees around our chimney.

    Sure enough, there were what looked like hundreds. When we went inside, we could hear buzzing from behind the plasterboard.

    This morning, a lovely man has been out to check. We were worried they had got into the loft, but all he found were 3 or 4 dead or dying bees. There's no buzzing from the walls today, he thinks that was just a few that fell down and have died.

    It looks like the main swarm has taken up residence in the chimney (which is - in theory - capped) and will be building their comb in there. He says we can expect them to swarm from there, but probably not until next year.

    Now, how do I persuade my husband that this is a good omen, and we need to keep bees.....?
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    Looks like we have too....

    They are in a bird box my son made some years ago... it is plonked on top of an arch in the garden and I'm worried they will fry if we ever get any sun
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