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Wildlife pond and hens safety advice needed


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  • Wildlife pond and hens safety advice needed

    Hello. It's been a while since I have been on the forum but nice to be back.
    We are putting in a wildlife pond in June. We also have a small flock of free ranging hens. A gardener friend seems to think my hens need to be kept away from the pond because they will go in it and drown.
    Does anyone have any hen health and safety experience please?

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    Hens are no more stupid than any other bird. They may go to the edge to drink, though it's unlikely if they have a proper water drinker, but they certainly won't go in.
    When I kept bantams we had two large ponds with a rockery behind, and the banties would walk round the edge of the ponds to reach the warm sunny rocks to sun themselves on.
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      Hi there - and welcome back!

      We used to keep geese and had two paddling pool sized containers for them to splash around in. The chooks never went in apart from sipping a drink from the edge.
      Maybe young chicks might be daft enough if spooked as I’ve heard they are daft enough to drown in a saucer of water
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        You'll know yourself that chickens are smart creatures. And if they're used to free-ranging, they'll be used to having their wits about them. I can't imagine your pond will be a hazard.
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          Thanks everyone - I agree the hens are usually very savvy.
          When we get a broody hatch I go round making sure there are no water hazards the chicks could drown in.
          Really looking forward to getting the pond's going to be very shallow round the edge so maybe the hens will like paddling.


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