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  • Bird Watcher's Logbook

    Some time ago I bought a few logbooks to keep records of the birds that visited my allotment and also others that I saw while on holiday etc. Coxton publishers / printers seem to have closed down. This was a great publication and is listed on Amazon as no longer available. The link to Amazon is
    Can anyone recommend an alternative as I love to spend time watching the wildlife on the plot and have realised that my present logbook looks as though its going to be the last one.
    Many thanks.

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    It looks as though they have had to update the cover No_digger no doubt to avoid the birder v twitcher battle, sadly birdwatchers have been left out it would seem

    You may just have to bite the bullet and use a birder log or maybe this one?
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      I used to do a lot of birdwatching going all over the place but I just used a little pocket book. so you could do that. If you want to you could 'copy' their pages into an access database or excel spreadsheet and keep it on the computer.Depending on your phone there may be an app you could use
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