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Starting out what should I get and where from?


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  • Starting out what should I get and where from?

    Finally I can get some bees, more for entertainment purposes than anything.

    They will be on my allotment which is quite exposed is that OK?

    What type of hive should I be looking at? I I've got max of 200 to get the bees and hive is that enough?

    Any kinks or recommendations would be fab

    It won't be till next year now when I get them, so plenty of time

    Thanks guys
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    What sort of bees are you thinking about?
    I assume its bumble bees if they're for entertainment.
    Honey bees need active management, especially on an allotment.


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      I'm hoping to keep bees on our allotment site eventually, but it's no small undertaking - I'd need a certificate from the national beekeeping association before I could have hives, as it's council owned and they'd be liable should someone get badly stung.


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        Yeah bumble bees would be fine. We wouldn't want anything from them because we don't eat honey. So maybe just their pollination skills
        I'm looking for somewhere to do a course on having bees as I know nada!
        My site is pretty laid back there is all types of animals caged up but there is 2 sites either side of me with nothing on animal wise. I'll still ask though.

        What type of house would I need for them?
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          Do your children have any problems with bees/bee stings? Something to think about before you spend money!
          I have a bumblebee colony in the garden, living in a potato barrel packed with straw. Didn't know they were there until I tried to have a furtle and some very annoyed bees boiled out. This hot weather hasn't helped their tempers!
          You can buy bumble bee houses and there's plenty of information online. Do some googling and find out more about them and their lifecycle.
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            Course wise I doubt you will find one for bumbles. There was one here a couple of years ago and it was more expensive than honey bee keeping courses

            I forget who it is on here that buys bumbles but I would seek them out if I was you or hopefully they will see this thread

            Failing that just encourage them. Remember there are different types of bees ground bees (so clear undisturbed ground is good) solitary so bug houses and alikes are good then your bumbles that are in small colonies that want lots of insulation like VCs. Then as many different types of flowers as pos.

            I would start small. My oldest (4yrs) still freaks about bumbles but has gotten a lot better in a few months. The biggest challenge was getting my oldest to stand next to a flowering welsh onion and repeatedly telling her she is not a flower the bees are not interested in her

            Good luck
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              I have bumbles in the blue tits nest box the wren used last year and also in the old mouse hole on the patio.
              You could make/buy something like this for solitary bees
              Click image for larger version

Name:	Bee-House.jpg
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              or make something like this with lots of hidey holes to attract bumbles Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_4712.jpg
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ID:	2373265

              Good luck with it


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                Originally posted by Mr Bones View Post
                I have bumbles in the blue tits nest box
                I have Tree Bumbles in a bird nest box too. It's about 3 feet from my raspberries so they are holding up my fruit cage build because I can't finish the netting without risking disturbing them - which I feel would be more than a bit ungrateful considering all the good work they've done in pollinating the raspberries

                As I understand it, the nest only lasts for six weeks or so before the new queens head off for pastures new and the old one snuffs it.


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                  My colony in the potato planter are Tree Bumbles too. I have to keep the dogs away from that area in case they knock into it and annoy the bees. I've already found out that they sting when disturbed
                  When I went back to check that the bees really were living in there, I wore my old beekeeping outfit Probably gave the neighbours a laugh anyway


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                    The kids are not allowed on the plot, they either get bored or destroy my good work.
                    Got a lot of studying to do it seems
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