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  • Bees 🐝 Help!


    We are giving our garden a make over and have a big compost heap in the corner. I think I’ve disturbed some bees 🐝 and I’m not sure what to do! Not had a good look so don’t know what kind they are and now I don’t know if I’ve caused damage. I’m worried for us and the bees!
    We have 2 young boys who love the garden... any advice welcome!

    Thanks ☺️

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    I suspect both you and the bees will be fine. You could try to contact local beekeepers - local to us we had someone come collect a honeybee swarm last month - but your lot could well 'be' bumblebees so wouldnt be of interest to them. Bumblebees won't really bother you unless you 'really' boterh them and will move on soon enough - so I'd suggest watching them with interest (from a little bit of a distance) and playing the waiting game
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      Thank you for taking time to reply, I’m sure I’m just being a paranoid mum! I’ll keep an eye out and see how we go! I’ll leave them ‘be’ to do their thing!


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        as had been said most likely bumbles, not at all dangerous unless disturbed in which latter case a few stings can be expected.

        Depending on where they are in the garden and how active your boys are, it might be worth putting a bit of netting up on a line in front of the nest to stop cricket or tennis balls having to be retrieved from this area.

        They will have moved on by the end of the Autumn anyway ( the bumbles that is, not the boys)
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          I'm glad you are thinking of the bees :-)

          We don't have a serious bee concentration in our garden (although I would love one). Our little one has grown up with a garden reasonably full of bees etc and hasn't got stung.

          Are they furry (bumble) bees or honey bees?


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