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Bumblebees and foxes?


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  • Bumblebees and foxes?

    Hello! I discovered today as I was wandering about the lottie that some bumblebees have made a home in my plastic compost bin. This in itself is not an issue, I'll just leave them to it and turn the heap later in the year. The odd bit is that the foxes (I assume it is they as they are frequent hooligan visitors to the plot) had pulled one of the little side panels off the compost bin and dragged out all the contents, this is what made me spot the bees heading in and out. Are they likely to have been trying to dig out the nest? I am assuming the bees didn't move in after the foxes dug it out as it was not dug out a week ago (but happy for someone to tell me otherwise!). Just wondering it I should put up something (like metal wire/grill) across the opening to keep the foxes out but let the bees come and go?

    Keep thinking I need to get a nature cam to catch the foxes in the act, but have still not quite gotten around to it.

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    Could it be badgers?
    We had them digging out a wild bee nest in the garden.
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      Ou local badgers destroy all bumble nests on or near the ground.. and eat all the young larvae..The foxes on the other hand appear to ignore their nests...(they use our garden as a toilet!)

      Once a badger starts on a nest, they would probably come back next night if disturbed previously..


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        No idea on the badger front. Never seen any evidence of them but of course that doesn't mean they are not about! I had immediately assumed it was the foxes as they have quite the vandals this year and the pups (I think) have chewed up quite a few bits and pieces. Might get that wildlife camera quickly and see what we get...!!
        If it ain't broke...fix it til it is!


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