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    Hi there everyone. I am a lover of Jalapeņos and just had a Eureka moment........Why the devil aren't I growing any?

    Have I left it too late? I would grow from seed ideally. I have a greenhouse. Not sure where would sell them anyway to be honest. Any advice would be much appreciated.


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    I'm no expert, only ever grew them once, but my view is nothing to lose giving it a try!
    I remember starting seeds off in airing cupboard, as they need plenty of warmth, but light not essential til the seedlings start to appear through the soil...


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      It's a bit late but they would probably do ok because you can eat them green and don't have to wait for them to ripen. If you grow them in pots you can move them indoors when the autumn weather gets too cold. Several of the usual UK seed companies stock them, as well as the chilli specialists. You can order them online or try your nearest garden centre. You might also be able to get plants which would catch you up. Or take some seeds out of the jalapenos you eat and try sowing them.
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        Hi dynamite, I'm not an expert either, but I reckon your best bet at this stage might be to try get your hands on a couple of plug plants if possible- if you have a decent garden centre nearby you should be able to get a few small plants with maybe 6 - 8 true leaves already, for the same price as a packet of jalapeņo seeds. If not, have a look online, you can buy little plants mail order and they are pretty good value too. I've gotten a few chilli plug plants nicely packaged up in the post from sea Spring seeds and highly recommend them, but I'm sure there are others. The seeds of many chillis can be notoriously slow to germinate so you are buying yourself probably an extra two months of growing season with the plants, which can make all the difference between a decent crop or not!

        Best of luck with them, they're good fun to grow!


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          hi as already said its abit late for seeds really but why not give it a go im growing some ,i got my seeds from south devon chilli farm and there doing well as hop a long said plugs would be a better idea this year tho ,good luck
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            Thanks people. I will try and find some plants.



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