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    What do you use as an guide for putting out your young plants, is it a number of nights above a certain temperature, or do you use a weather forecast system, is it going by what the tv/magazines or paper's say or do you put them out when they are ready and hope for the best. I use an ash tree as a guide, when the leaf comes out on it I have found that it is safe to plant out, this year there are several in the hedge rows of the fields behind my garden in leaf now but the one in my back hedge has no leaf yet, and it is a healthy tree, so it will be interesting to see if I still get some cold nights.
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    The key date for most things is the last frost. I don't even think about putting stuff out until end April, then I look at forecasts and decide how quickly to take the plunge. This year it was cold down here in late April so it was an easy decision to wait. But this week I took the plunge and have been busily hardening off.

    For the really tender stuff I look for nighttime temperatures consistently above 10c. But everything has to be out before the late May bank holiday regardless. It's not Scotland and I'm not waiting till June!
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      It depends a bit what it is, how big it is and what the weather is doing. I use my growhouse for hardening off, and once something like peas have been in there a few days I plant them out. More tender stuff will be brought back into the house at night if the temperature is forecast to be below 6 (10 for cucumbers and tomatoes) until the plants are so big that they must be planted before they are going to get damaged. Bedding plants that get so big they are in danger of being pot bound also get planted out, preferably when a couple of mild nights are forecast. There comes a time (around the spring bank holiday) when you just have to get on with it.
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        I'm thinking about putting out some Yacon now under bell cloches, partly as the weather is warm ant the night time temps are going up and partly because I've enough plants so that if they get frosted it isn't the end of the world.

        Most of the time I wait till end of May or beginning of June till after the risk of frost has gone.

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          Never until the St Glacé are over. 11-14 May and then it depends on the temperatures over night. Being a bit cautious this year so it will probably not be until the end of May early June.
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            I use a very technical and scientific method..

            As soon as they're too big for the windowsill then they're put out to fend for themselves!


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              When I need more room they start to go out. The ones I am not fussy about first.
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                I usually wait till mid-late April by which time the last frost should hopefully have passed.
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