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Mildew resistant mange tout / sugar snaps


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  • Mildew resistant mange tout / sugar snaps


    I'm looking for some advice about mildew resistant varieties of mange tout and sugar snap peas. Last year I grew Sweet Horizon mange tout and struggled with powdery mildew. I just wondered if anyone had any tips to help reduce mildew or if there were any varieties that are more resistant.



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    That's something I need as well because peas get mildewed to death in my garden. Oregon sugar pod is one that's said to be resistant but I haven't tried it yet. And Ambassador for ordinary peas.


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      In my experience most peas get mildew if they are sown later in the year - sown as soon as possible in Spring, peas rarely get mildew.
      Avoid .. problem by incorporating lots of organic matter in the soil before sowing / planting and water well when conditions are dry. Basically, plants under stress are susceptible to powdery mildew so good ongoing care is the best way to prevent it
      Expert advice on how, where and when to grow peas

      T&M says Sweet Horizon is mildew resistant
      Mangetout Sweet Horizon stood well in bother summer heatwave and autumn wet weather, producing an abundance of sweet, predominantly stringless pods through the season from successional sowings made in spring and early summer. Great mildew resistance gives the longest harvest window, with plants standing well until October
      Pea 'Sweet Horizon' (Mangetout) - Pea & Bean Seeds - Thompson & Morgan


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