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  • moneymaker tomatoes help

    Firstly hi to everyone
    i would love some advice on my money maker tomatoes
    i am growing them in large 15 to 20 litre pots and they have grown to about 10
    inches but they are producing yellow flowers all ready is this normal, as i thought
    that they would have to get much taller , but as i am a novice at gardening
    i am hoping that i could tap into the wealth of knowledge the all the kind people of this site have .So i hope you can help plus any other tips on growing tomato s that you may have.
    Many thanks and kind regards in advance

    mr biffo

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    Perfectly normal, mrbiffo
    The plant knows best
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      Producing yellow flowers is fine - that's what you want them to do. Tomatoes continue to grow as they flower, producing trusses of flowers and then fruit at intervals up the stem. You will need to stake them and tie the stem to the stakes or they will fall over. You should also break off any side shoots which appear in the joins between the leaves and the main stem.
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        And start to feed them when the first fruit has set.
        Gardening requires a lot of water - most of it in the form of perspiration. Lou Erickson, critic and poet


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