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Climbing courgette plants any experience


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  • Climbing courgette plants any experience

    Did anyone try the climbing courgette plants this year.
    Are they any good.
    Do they really climb or do you have to nail them to the perch.
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    I had some climbing courgette seeds from the Pass the Parcel Seed Swap which I grew this year (var: Black Forest I think, but don't quote me). Mine didn't climb at all, or tumble, or anything. They turned their noses up at my netting covered frame, grew to about 18" long and stopped. And to add insult to injury, I only got one tiny courgette to eat.

    Wouldn't stop me having another go though, maybe with some bought/fresh seed this time.


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      Haven't tried the climbing variety before, but they would be no good to me as I harvest so irregular that the plants would be torn apart by the weight of overgrown courgettes. Still the idea is a good one to save space.



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        Tried Black Forest last year, new seeds from T & M - like Pumpkin Becki, they didn't climb at all and cropped miserably.


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          Had three plants this year,they dont want to climb but have to be wrapped around a pole and tied.Cropped well though but ill not bother again


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            I grew Tromboncino last year, a courgette which was reputedly a climber...I had to help it every step of the way with twine. They cropped reasonably well but not enough for me to grow them this year.
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              I grew Tromboncino this year - fantastic success. One plant went right up a 7 foot post and the other went along the top wire on my fence - about 15 foot.

              They don't climb but sprawl and need tying in. If you do they hang better and bend less - it caused much laughter with our neighbours - they are naughty looking.

              I cut my last tiny one yesterday - the weather has stopped them now but I will be putting up the arch at the allotment next year. They are really tasty and do not get watery at all, even when big. Very nice raw as well.

              The pic enclosed was one I gave away as it got a bit large.
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                I didn't grow climbing courgettes this year. Grew normal ones, but had a RUBBISH year for courgettes Kept waiting for them to take off and they never did.

                I did grow Black Forest last year, two in a large pot - I stuck 3 canes in and tied them in to the canes as they grew to keep them going round in a tidy spiral, so yes, they're not like peas, they did need tying in rather than doing it themselves, but didn't take a huge amount of fussing over. Got a reasonable number of courgettes off them too.

                I do have four seeds left from the packet, so if anyone fancies trying them can send 'em out (they might be a bit old now).

                Tromboncino sound like fun


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                  I've grown Tromboncino for two years running,my sister sent me seeds-she thought the shape looked funny- and yes, it just crawls all over the place,and yes the shape is highly amusing! May be a problem for some but it does produce lots of courgettes and they grow very large if left. Worth growing for the entertainment value!!
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                    Grew Black Forest a couple of years ago. Got a reasonable crop but they defo don't climb just sprall a bit so that you can tie them to a cane if you want. Didn't bother this year as prefer a neater type, think that the idea of them climbing is a bit of a gimmic that the likes of T&M are trying to sell.

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