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No tenancy agreement


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  • No tenancy agreement

    I have had my plot for about 2 year .
    I do not have a tenancy agreement.
    I have asked the main guy but he just fobs me off.
    I pay my fees each year , although they only take cash so other than a little paper with the amount . That's all I have, if I can find the paper

    Seems to be a bit of discord in the allotment and the main guy is constantly putting people out because he does not get on with them.
    any advice

    I'm on thei

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    Hello and welcome, lemonsandpears.

    Members of the forum share an interest in learning more about gardening. We aren't legal experts. Due to the risk of legal action being taken against the Grow Your Own forum, the forum cannot get involved with giving advice regarding allotment tenancy issues or encourage members to do so.
    If you need assistance with a problem of this nature you could in the first instance try contacting your allotment committee/provider (who should have a disputes procedure to follow) or contact the NSALG.

    Good luck.
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