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What to feed my onions?


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  • What to feed my onions?

    Hi all,

    This is my first time growing onions, I sowed them around March and currently I don’t see any bulging. They are growing in a container.

    So far I haven’t fed them anything, I’m a little confused as to what I should feed them with at this time of year and at this stage?
    I have growmore and I have tomatorite. I’ve heard someone way that you should feed with tomatorite at this time of year is that correct?

    thank you

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    If you feel they need feeding then a general fertiliser (like growmore) is best.
    However, if they are not bulbing up at all after all this time then the problem is more likely lack of sufficient water, almost certainly due to growing them in containers. Onions don't really do well in containers. Spring onions do, but not proper onions.

    Unless... when you say you sowed them in March, do you mean from seed, or from sets? If it's the former then that's a bit late to be sowing onions (people usually do it in January), so that might explain it.


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      They don't have very extensive root system so won't find deep moisture. Water in dry periods and as ameno says balanced fertiliser until towards the end then a high potassium mix to finish.
      I live in a part of the UK with very mild winters. Please take this into account before thinking "if he is sowing those now...."


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