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  • Allium leaf miner

    Well, I've just checked my onions and it seems I have allium leaf miner for the first time ever. The leaves have the tell-tale mottled streaks, and a few of the leaves are twisted (though not many), and inside one of the affected leaves I found a fair bit of insect poo and one single larva.
    Looks like I'll have to cover my onions with mesh from next year onwards. Apparently you only need to cover them in the spring, as that's when the adults are laying their eggs, so I shouldn't need to buy any new mesh, as I can have it off the onions before I need it for the carrots.

    The infestation does look relatively minor, so hopefully it won't ruin the crop.
    Also, I say "for the first time ever", but looking back I feel like I've actually seen these symptoms before but just never thought anything of it (and never checked inside the leaves for maggots). So maybe I have had it in the past but since it never caused the crop to fail I never noticed.

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    Sorry to hear you have the ALM Ameno. When you cut a bulb up in the kitchen check for fine tracks (about 1mm wide) working down from top to bottom - sometimes the track stops and you'll find the pale maggot or maybe an easier to spot chrysalis.
    Ali Miner breeds in autumn too so any alliums will need to be covered then. The flying/egg laying times aren't always as well defined as some reports specify - May 1st (give or take) is spring flight time for us but the autumn time I've yet to pinpoint.
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