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  • Leek moth

    Help please. I have just planted some leeks and as I know the leek moth lays its eggs in March and April (first cycle), when should I give them a spray with a rhodedendrum-based insecticide, whose name escapes me. And how many times. In autum I think I spray them twice/three times!

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    I've suffered from this the last couple of years, but was going to try netting from the point of planting out rather than spray. Sorry not a clue on the name of the spray!
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      Thanks for your reply.

      Thanks for your reply. I found the box: Bio-Pyretrex.
      I tried the netting trick but despite me being extremely careful they vermin still managed to get in and ravage the crop. I was going to try some of those traps that imitate the odour of the female moth to attract the males but the fellow in the gardning shop recommended Bio-Pyretrex and this worked a treat. I think I applied it every second week in September and October but I am not sure I applied it in April (which was when I planted some last year).. I wanted to know when I should start spraying after planting leeks in March and how often.

      By the way, is there any way of being notified by e-mail when someone replies to my post?


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        Originally posted by Anton View Post
        By the way, is there any way of being notified by e-mail when someone replies to my post?
        Anton click the down arrow next to your name on the top right of the screen,
        then 'user settings'
        lastly 'notifications'
        when you've finished click save changes.

        Hope this helps.

        Location....East Midlands.


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          Thanks a lot for that tip Bren in Pots


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            Haven’t heard of the insecticide,tried gooogling it but the box instructions I found look non English. Are there instructions on the box? With chemicals always apply by the label direction & only when necessary. Do you have to wait for signs of the pest before spraying.
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