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Brussell Sprouts how tall should they be


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  • Brussell Sprouts how tall should they be

    I am growing Evesham Special. The tallest is only 12" tall and many are only 6"-8" tall. I had expected them to be taller than that by now. Someone told me their plants were over 24" tall already.

    Am I doing something wrong or are they OK. Do they need feeding, if so what?

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    There are a lot of variables in growing plants, how close are they to each other, was the ground fed with plenty of manure prior to planting, how long have the plants been in their current positions and with brussels the ground needs to be firmed too. There's still plenty of time for your plants to grow.
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      You may not get sprouts in time for Christmas at that rate, but you'll definitely still get a crop.
      You probably just planted them late, although it could have to do with lack of fertiliser or water as well.


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        They were planted out on 30th May and I dug in growmore immediately prior to planting. I have tried to keep them watered, but perhaps it wasn't enough.

        I admit that they are only planted 18" apart. Would that be the cause of my problem?


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          Mine are full of leaf but not very high. I'm even wondering whether they are sprouts at all!
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            My packet also gives their height as 24inch mines not that tall yet though but I’m hoping to still get a crop even if it’s a late one.


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