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  • Can I sow these now?

    Hi all,

    I’m very late to the party this year on sowing my seeds. I sowed cherry toms, lettuce, spring onions, herbs, carrots, peppers, raddish, cucumbers, courgettes on June 19th. Everything germinated well and is growing well so far, my only doubt is the toms and if I will get anything from them. I’m growing in the greenhouse in pots and I live in Essex so we usually get warmer weather for longer. At the moment it’s 21-22c range with lots of rain and not much sun, but I’m hoping for a late hot summer to save me lol.

    Anyway I have some more seeds and I’m wondering if sown today would I get anything from them this year or winter?
    i have parsnips (pearl), shallots (ambition), Brussels (Brendan), Cauliflower (all year round), sweet corn (mini pop), Cabbage (savoy supervoy) peas (Karina) Carrot ( short n sweet or Nantes. 2)

    Im willing to take a risk on seeds that might produce this year but I don’t want to sow something that has zero chance.

    Also if any can’t be planted in time to produce harvest for this year, what can be planted and when for an early spring crop?

    Thank you

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    Go for it would be my slant on it, you might have smaller root crops, but should still be useable and the brassicas should be ok too I would have thought. Never grown mini pop corn, so no idea how fast they grow. The shallots will be for next year I would have thought, I have friends in the Midlands who are thinking of harvesting theirs soon.
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      Parsnips you might get carrot-sized roots if you sow now.
      Brussels sprouts won't crop until at least February if you sow now (so no Christmas dinner crop), but they will still crop.
      Cauliflower should be okay if it's a winter variety (I assume All the Year Round is), so will crop in late winter.
      Mini-pop sweetcorn will be fine, as you pick the cobs unpollinated and eat the whole thing, core and all, so they need less time to mature than normal sweetcorn. In general it's not a variety I would recommend, though, as the yield per plant is miniscule.
      The cabbage should be fine, as that's a winter variety. Worst case scenario, it might not heart up properly and you'll have to harvest as loose-leaf cabbage.
      Early carrots (which both of those are) will be fine. In fact, I plan to sow some this evening.

      Shallots are the only ones I would say don't bother with. Shallots (and onions) grow by day length, and if you sow now they will not bulb up.
      If you have mild-ish winters where you are, you could try sowing them in around mid-August to produce plants for overwintering and producing a crop next year (late June or so), or just leave those until next year to sow.


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        I agree with the above, although I haven't grown some of them myself. Things you can sow now for winter use - other brassicas such as kohlrabi, turnips and kale, lettuce and salad leaves, spinach (although it will bolt if it gets too hot so best in the shade), florence fennel. Dwarf french beans may produce a crop if sown now, especially if under cover. You can sow spring cabbage, oriental greens, winter lettuce, corn salad (lamb's lettuce) and florence fennel well into August. I sow cauliflowers in September for overwintering under cover.
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