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  • Blimy all we need!!

    Not making good reading
    If I'm not on here, I'm probably fishing.

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    Indeed Burnie, not good reading at all. Looks like it will be back to the Irish to supply the spuds again, but then again brexit might have an impact there


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      Not nice reading at all. There seem to be so many new natural disasters going on these days.
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        If the rain carries on we will all be switching to rice...


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          *Wonders* Which are the resistant varieties, and do I usually grow them?

          This year i will be growing Kestrel which supposedly has slug resistance, hopefully they will be resistant to this as well.
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            Originally posted by Snadger View Post
            *Wonders* Which are the resistant varieties, and do I usually grow them?
            I suspect not. The only one with appreciable resistance that I even think I might have heard of is Vales Everest.


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              I was looking at this link & Western Australia have eradicated potato cyst nematode,it took about twenty four years of control,what an excellent result that could help us here.

              Info about how Western Australia eradicated the potato cyst nematode


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                Was reported on one news channel or another yesterday.
                Somewhat ironically it was reported as being being spread by the agricultural machinery carrying contaminated soil from location to location.

                The resistant varieties were reported as not overly palitable and so not a good market for such.

                I did get the idea that the person being spoken to want to say that the short term solution would be genetic engineering of the resistant component into the varities we use presently.
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