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Jack frost took my toms


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  • Jack frost took my toms

    I moved my potted tomatoes to the greenhouse about 3 weeks ago.

    Some I put in my buckets, the others I left in pots.

    The frost on Thursday night took the potted ones, the ones in the buckets survived.

    Admittedly, I knew i'd put them in too early, but did do to stop them getting leggy in the house, with a view to watching the weather forecast.
    Well It seems that I got over confident and took my eye off the ball.

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    I think this is the worst time of year for getting caught out. They are getting too big for windowsills and they need more light
    I carry mine back indoors but they are getting much to heavy.
    You can take some cuttings off the ones that have survived so all is not lost.


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      Whereabouts do you live? Is it not too late to sow some more seeds?

      I'm in Northumberland and sowing mine today and keeping them in the living room for two/three/four weeks before transplanting into greenhouse.
      If I'm not on the Grapevine I can usually be found here!....


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        I will be sowing my outdoor tomatoes some time this week. I find any earlier and they give me problems with hardening off without killing them.
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          I've had mine out in the greenhouse but rather than bring them in I've covered them with generous quantities of fleece, and on the really cold nights I've lit a candle or two in there to keep the temperature up a degree or so. No problems so far.
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            The ones which survived, I brought back in for a few more weeks.

            Of the ones which were nipped, there was a particular plant I wanted to keep, its one that i've been collecting seeds from for a number of years.

            I have no more seeds, so unless I can get one to survive, it's probably irreplaceable.
            If I do have one survive, I'll take cuttings from side shoots.

            Wakefield by the way.
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              I hope that you manage to get a cutting to take keat63. Im running out of space for seedlings too, I've put mine out too early in the past, they looked like they had been damaged from the cold, after a very long sulk some were ok. You've still got a chance yet hopefully


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