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  • Greenhouse Instructions

    Who is it that writes instructions manuals for greenhouses. I've spent all day erecting a 6x6 greenhouse from focus and the instructions are so CRAP. I've basically had to use my common sense and just pure trail and error as the diagrams were so's ridiculous. screwing bits together and then dismantelling them again, over and over as the parts displayed in the diagrams are drawn in such little detail. You spend so much money on the bloody things and you get SOOOOO mad beacuse the instructions are so bad. I'm definitely going to bed in a bad mood tonight!

    Not looking forward to putting the glazing in tomorrow!

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    My commiserations Eskeymo, but it will be lovely when its finished ....... just think of sitting outside, but inside a nice warm place!
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      I'll still want to punch the person who wrote the instructions and that feeling will never go away.


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        Hi Eskymo
        Long time....
        Putting the frame up is the hard part, putting the glass in is a dawdle in comparison - honest.
        And you shouldn't go to bed in a bad mood - not healthy
        Just think how good you and your plants will feel when you defeat the focus diagram drawers and succeed in your quest

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          Dont get undressed in Glasshouse's with the light on..!

          Dont worry Eskimo, it will be great when it's done.

          How much skin have you lost off your knuckles..?

          When i Built my 6x8 in march with decent instructions from a well known supplier i found when putting the glass in that two sections where fitted on back to front.... so the worse for you could yet be to come. <eek>

          Just keep teling yourself, "this time next year it will be finished"
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            Perhaps Madmax and I were lucky that we had lost the assembly instructions for our greenhouse then!! We put most of it together with no instructions at all - we used next door's greenhouse for reference. Well worth the trouble though, loads of cucumbers and tomatoes starting to grow!
            Happy Gardening,


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              My greenhouse was second hand and OH took photos of it before he dismantled it - very useful! Bernie
              Bernie aka DDL

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                solar dome

                hi im picking up a "solar dome" hopefully next week got it free are they any good does any body have any problems with them
                its 20ft diamater by 10ft high
                PRESTON NORTH END
                xbox gamertag billybobs
                add me to your friends list if you got what it takes


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