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Weighting down a polytunnel


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  • Weighting down a polytunnel


    We have a 4.5 * 2m polytunnel from Ebay, which we are going to put up in a few weeks on grass. We would prefer not to dig the grass to bury it in the grass. We were thinking of putting breezeblocks on the skirt.

    Is this a good idea and if so how many would you recommend? Or is there a better alternative?

    Ta very muchly.

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    Don't know if it's a good idea. Breeze blocks have sharp edges and could well shred the skin leaving you with a true blow away. If you have some old carpet or similar to use as a barrier between the skin and the blocks, that may well work. Whatever, I'd cover every square inch of the skirt.


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      We have just erected similar size tunnel ,also from ebay. Erected a wooden frame work inside with post well bedded in, tied frame to it and dug in flaps in soil along with a scaffolding pole on 1 side and yesterday which was very windy hitting tunnel side on it stood it's ground but there was a lot of movement. Trouble is velcro attaching cover to poles is not very long and i feel we need something to improve that part of the installation as that is our weakness. It really needs to be pulled tight at sides.


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        Mines been up a few weeks now, i would definitely get yourself some posts to tie the uprights to. I used 5 ft iron stakes, one for each upright, knocked tnese into the ground halfway, then tied them in with a couple of strong cable ties on each one. It has been pretty windy down the allotment but my polytunnel looks as sturdy as can be. I'm very happy with the way it turned out.
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          Good idea, where did you get your posts from?


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            I managed to salvage them from a few places. Bit of a hotch potch really. You could always use some good wooden stakes I suppose.
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              Also, how long did it take you to get yours up?


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                For your posts try scaffold poles a company may just have a pudlock or two to get rid off.

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