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  • Norfolk lean to greenhouse help :)

    I bought a polycarbonate lean to greenhouse which has been sat in my shed for a few weeks now.
    Finally opened it today and realised what a big task this is going to be!

    I'm trying to work out what to do as a base, it will be sat mostly on soil, but partly over a concrete path, I can't add too much height due to height of the shed roof (I'll try and get a pic up tomorrow to explain it better)

    Also, the instructions don't even hint at how to attach it to the shed wall, what's the best way? - it's going into concrete

    This is my first greenhouse so I really don't have a clue with it, I want to make it a sturdy as possible. Without putting it up I have no idea where it can be attached so need some help from someone who's done it before please

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    Sorry purplekat, I've never put up a lean-to, and my greenhouses both went onto soil, so I can't help. Just wanted to say good luck, hopefully someone will be able to help tomorrow


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      Originally posted by purplekat View Post
      the instructions don't even hint at how to attach it to the shed wall
      Yeah, that's the main gripe with Norfolk. Really, how much would it cost to include decent, understandable instructions? (it took us 9 months to put our 8x6 up)
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        best not let my hubby read this...

        ours arrived on friday, have too find somewhere to site it yet, he wants too put it on breeze blocks...

        let me know how you get on...
        Linda xxx


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          purplekat, I was just wondering - have you tried ringing Norfolk? I had to ring them about something to do with mine when we got it and they were really very helpful. Might be worth a try, their technical department might be able to set you on the right path?


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            This is what the greenhouse will be attaching to - it will stick out about an inch from the front of the shed so will sit over the concrete by about 2foot - need ideas on how to secure it down please - obviously it will be attached on one side to the shed but don't think this will be enough in strong winds

            We got out all the pieces and they're all marked up so don't have to work that out.
            I think I'll have a good try at it over the weekend and phone them up if we have trouble, thing I'm worried about is getting it half finished and then it getting windy before I have chance to secure it
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              Firstly, let me say I've never built a Norfolk but I would imagine if you look at the upright pieces that go against the wall there will be holes to screw to the wall.

              I would use rawlplugs to screw wooden battens (the larger the better) onto the wall first and screw the greenhouse to that.

              There are many types of base - if you are not a DIYer then wood may be easiest. Screw it to flags and sink a couple of small posts into soft ground (make sure it is level) and use concrete for a proper job.

              If it gets windy before you put the "glazing" on a gale wouldn't blow it down so you can make sure it is secure before doing that stage.

              But as I say, I've never erected a Norfolk!!
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