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GH glass replacment


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  • GH glass replacment

    Hello all, don't get on much as my Samsung tablet and Chrome Book don't seem to be able to log on to this site?
    Only my old windows PC which I don't use much.

    GH glass...

    Over winter I has a pane crack. Taped it up which worked for a while, used Wilko transparent tape, good stuff, poor old Wilkos gone now so don't know if I can get more.

    Now a bits fallen out so needs a proper job.

    From before time I have a few panes in the back of my shed, fished one out.

    Removed old pane, I think it cracked because moss grew in the edges and froze. The expansion probably cracked the glass.

    I bit tricky reaching the pane but the new one slid in without a problem.

    Fitted the clips and all seems OK, time will tell.

    A good wash of the glass inside and out is now needed.
    Then fit my bubble wrap.
    Assemble the benches ready for spring.
    Also install my large heated propagator.
    And the spring season will start again.


    Expect the worst in life and you will probably have under estimated!

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