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    Hi - can anyone help me with a rough idea of how much polytunnels cost to rent on a site. They are in good order, have water, located on edge of nice town, very good road access. I know there are a huge amount of variables, but I just have no idea what’s reasonable in terms of rent - £1/m2? £10/m2? Any help would be hugely appreciated.
    just to give me a starting point. Thank you so much.

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    Hello and welcome, norbar.

    I can't help much, as I've never rented a polytunnel. As far as I know, any polytunnel left on an allotment is simply taken over by the new plotholder and there's no separate charge for it other than the plot rental. So actually very cheap, when all's said and done.

    Are you renting them out or wanting to rent one for yourself? Does it come on an allotment or no land other than the polytunnel? Would you have a polytunnel of your own or would you be sharing part of one with others?
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      Norbar if you're renting out the polytunnels Self Promotion is against Terms & Conditions of the forum.

      On behalf of the Moderators I thankyou for your understanding in this matter.
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        Sorry, I’ve reread my message and can see that’s how it looks, but I’m actually trying to rent some polytunnels for my own use. I plan to approach a site owner near me but there are no price details, so before I make contact I wanted to roughly know what the going rate is.


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          Thanks for explaining that norbar.
          Having moved your thread over to here , you should hopefully get more response.
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            Can you rent a polytunnel on a site? Don’t you need to rent the land,there’s a thread about plot costs somewhere. Its unusual for someone to have a plot & rent their polytunnel out to someone but it might happen I suppose,is that what’s happening?
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              I only know of one site where this happened and the site acquired a polytunnel frame and re covered it then rented out a bay (space between 2 hoops so probably 6ft or so) and the width of the bed for a nominal fee ... I think it was around £10/year so in a poly tunnel of about 30ft long you would have 10 mini plots. This sounds a lot but don't forget the cost of recovering (one for my old 20x 10 was about £120)
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