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    Hello All,

    How can i combat greenhouse humidity im getting a high each morning of around 95, its causing me some isses.

    This is with the door wide open all night and Bio Green PAL 2.0/GB 2KW Palma Heater with Digital Thermostat on fan setting set at 15c which will hopeful be on most of the night.
    I also have 4no auto openers.

    My greenhouse has power so a dehumi is option, if so what is good and low power usage.

    Any other options?


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    Flippin' 'eck, you must have some electrickery bill,
    If I'm not on here, I'm probably fishing.


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      haha burnie the heater isnt on, its only the fan running, which im guessing uses lot less power.
      I currently pay 69 per month fixed for gas and leccy.


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        I have questions for you.

        Is the fan set to try and attain 15c each night (like airconditioning) and is therefore causing condensation?

        How densly is the planting/cropping? With things like tomatoes it's common to strip off leaves up to the current ripening truss to allow ventilation. Other plants can have similar pruning at times.

        How and when is watering achieved? Could earlier watering, less watering or below soil level watering aid the situation?
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          Hello ESBkevin

          The fan comes on @ 15c and above to improve better airflow.

          the greenhouse is dense it can be seen here:

          I will look to remove failed melons on the floor tonight and really cut back on toms and other plants.
          All plant need right good defol.

          Watering is done through quadgrows and when i get round to doing which can be mid day or evening.


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            ghexton yes I think a good thining is in order. If you have pots that can lift out (durng all this summer heat) they and thier neighbours will benefit from the air/circulation. Then a good de-leafing of the toms to above the current ripening truss will all help. Cucabrites tend to like a bit of shade so replace with artificial shade (like an ols net curtain) if you expose them to too much direct sunlight.


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