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How do you store yours?


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  • How do you store yours?

    How and where does everyone store there vegetables for winter use?
    Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

    Michael Pollan

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    Depends on what vegetables. Leeks & parsnips are left in the ground to be dug when needed. Surplus beans and peas were frozen during the summer. Onions were dried out and made into strings and hung in the shed (all gone a while ago, though). Chillies I dry in the kitchen. I could go on and on and on. Plums and apples were either made into pies or crumbles and frozen, or turned into some interesting chutneys and sauces.


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      Leeks, parsnips and onions as above, shallots and garlics also tied and put in shed.. Spuds put into an old chest freezer, layered in straw and kept for ages. Carrots in sand, again layered. (rubbish quality though, I just cant grow them) Still have some left.
      Cauli's, marrow, garlic and many other stuff into chutneys.
      Non perennial herbs were dried and bottled.
      All fruits were frozen in one form or another.
      However you are storing, watch out for pesky meeces, they will eat anything and cover whats left in poo so you cant eat it anyway.
      Bob Leponge
      Life's disappointments are so much harder to take if you don't know any swear words.


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        Anything i do not use fresh, be it fruit or veg i am planning to turn in to wine .

        I remember as a child in my grandmothers cottage pantry a large stone shelf with hundreds of multi colored potions that appeared at the table when we visited.
        Walking the lanes home with my late Father and his Parsnip wine defunct legs will always hold a warm memory... so purely in his memory it`s wine all the way.
        Minty X
        " If it tastes like chicken THEN EAT CHICKEN " :- Kermit The Frog


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