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Seed Circle 9 - the All in Circle 2012


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  • Seed Circle 9 - the All in Circle 2012

    As a result of the poll that ran for quite a long time, I am opening the doors for the most popular Circle - an All in Circle.

    A document that gives info about seed saving in schools is here - you can pull out instructions on how to save different types of seeds from it.

    There are no limits on what seed to save - I'd suggest for newbies to save from tomatoes [using the ferment method which takes 3 days] or peas/French beans which can be left on the plant until dry and then hardened up indoors.

    If you are wanting to save from Squashes you will need to isolate the flowers from before they open and hand pollinate.

    Brassicas - also need isolating, a large number of them are needed and so you will need quite a bit of space.

    Beetroots - from last year's specimens - will need taking or a cage around them as they can get quite big ones flowered.

    That's the basics! Let the saving begin.

    Post on here if you are interested in participating and I'll add names to the list as we go.

    We don't know who voted on the poll, so even if you voted you still have to tell us that you want to join in!

    1 - Veggie Chicken - received, bagged and ready
    Bronze fennel
    Flat leaf parsley
    5 - Jackyspratty - received, bagged and ready
    Purple roach
    Principe borgese tomato
    Broad leaved sorrel
    8 - Scarlet - received, bagged and ready
    Achocha fat baby
    Swiss chard
    Cape gooseberry
    Mexican tree spinach
    Marzano red chilli
    11 - Binley - received, bagged and ready
    Sweet chocolate peppers
    Lemon drop chillis
    Golden Hubbard squash
    12 - Zaz - bagged and ready
    Early Tanana Tom
    Maskotka Tom
    Dobbies Purple Beetroot
    Scorzonera/Black Salsify
    4 - Thelma Saunders
    Sweet Spanish mammoth pepper
    Golden nugget tomato
    Sigaretta Di bergamot pepper
    15 - Matt94
    100s and 1000s tomato
    King tut peas
    9 - Planet
    Autumn king carrot
    Shark fin melon
    16 - Sarz
    Mystery plum tomato
    Small purple plum tomato
    2 - The Large One
    Cabbage primo
    Chilli pyramid
    California wonder pepper
    Kohl rabi lanro
    100wt pumpkin
    Revenge Brussels sprouts
    Jamaican red chilli
    Hungarian yellow wax chilli
    Cavolo Nero kale
    13 - dirtgirl
    14 - Poly
    skagit magic potato
    Albertos locoto rococo pepper
    Black icicle tomato
    Dancing with smurfs tomato
    3 - Chris
    Purple flowered Russian pea
    Blue and white bean

    Have updated the Circle/awaiting seeds:

    7 - Frosty

    Still awaitinglatest
    6 - Gan heather
    10 - Supertrowel
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    Thank Zaz! Count me in please.
    A Chicken walks with small steps. Be more Chicken


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      Yes please Zaz


      • #4
        Argggggggghhh. Go on then.


        • #5
          Me too..


          • #6
            Definately please! You have brought a little light into what is turning our to be a dark day indeed! Thankyou! xx



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              Me too, please!
              Hill of Beans updated April 18th


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                If poss me too


                • #9
                  And me please!


                  • #10
                    Yes, please.


                    • #11
                      Can I please join this one too please

                      How will you know what to donate?
                      Or is it just a random possibility of having 10 different breed of peas 5 different beans?

                      Best wishes


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                        MIss Miss too pretty please....I'll worry about what to save later
                        S*d the housework I have a lottie to dig
                        a batch of jam is always an act of creation ..Christine Ferber

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                          Originally posted by super trowel View Post
                          Can I please join this one too please

                          How will you know what to donate?
                          Or is it just a random possibility of having 10 different breed of peas 5 different beans?

                          Best wishes
                          Erm - just donate what you want to - if we did get two of the same then we just get two of the same, doesn't happen often.


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                            Ok, thank you


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                              Can I join too please?


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