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Saving your own vegetable seeds


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  • Saving your own vegetable seeds

    I've had a bit of success over last year or so in saving my own seed. For example with leeks you can get loads of free seeds by just letting two or three plants mature, with the added bonus of summer flowers. If you're interested click the link below for the simple guide I've knocked up. Hope it helps.

    Allotment Heaven: Saving your own vegetable seeds

    Regards, John
    Allotment Heaven

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    We save our seeds too, especially if, for instance, we miss a pea pod. They grow just fine the following year (as long as the plant wasn't an F1). But last year's runner beans we horrible - no taste at all. So we collected the pods and kept 'em in paper bags until dry. the beans are now in jars and get used in stews etc - you have to boil for 10 mins and discard the water, and soak for as long as you've got, but they are just fine like that!

    Like the Tomato tip!
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      That was a good read. Never thought about saving the beans from the middle! WIll do that next time. Seeds are expensive and we arew a young family so I have decided not to buy seeds unless in I have to.


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        lovely blog by the way


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