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    Hello, new to the website and love the idea

    I have the following for swap or sae (prefer swap for owt):-

    Tomatoe - Purple russian
    Tomatoe - Shirley (from last yrs crop, nice toms)
    Chilli - Apache (last yr crop, loads of chilli)
    Herbs - basil / coriader jantar / sweet basil / parsley grune perle / oregano / sweet marjoram / sage / dill / chives
    Beetroot detroit 2
    Radish saxa 2
    Onion ramrod
    Lettuce ice king
    Lettuce Misticanza

    Basically got loads of seeds as a leaving present from work and cant grow everything. Interested in any type of tomato or any other plants that are remotely interesting.

    Not a big garden and growing mainly in pots so pot friendly stuff is bestish.
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    Hi JG

    Do you fancy trying some Reisetomate tomato seed to try?

    They certainly look different
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      Hi Jedi, I'd like to try some sweet marjoram & sage seeds, here's a list of most of my toms, any you'd like to try? Are the Apache chilli self-saved?

      I think I've still got seeds of all of these, depending on how many you'd like all (but Sungold F1) are open pollinated.

      Garden Pearl (for pots)
      Costoluto Fiorentino
      Principe Borghese
      San Marzano
      Zapotec Pleated
      Sungold F1
      Sub Artic Plenty (bush type)
      Roman candle (I think, but name's in Russian!)
      Gardener's Delight
      A black tom (with name in Russian!)
      Orange Banana
      St Pierre
      Bloody Butcher
      Garden Pearl
      Black Cherry
      Red Calabash
      Paul Robeson
      Eva Purple Ball

      Got some applegreen aubergine that might be okay outside, if its somewhere warm, in a pot.

      PM me if you're interested.
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        i would like to try one or two of your purple russian tomato seeds what can i send you in exchange i have a few varieties of tomato, and basically lots of other basic veg and some chillis, peppers and aubergines (stripey ones) any take your fancy?


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          ChrisB/SBP/debster - will pm you all definately want to swap a few! sbp, yes the chilli is self saved and they are all growing nicely this yr too. Excited by the reisetomato and some of the unusual ones sbp has and stripy aubergine sounds wild
          Rotten gardener, much better at sci fi knowledge but trying REAL hard to grow anything I can eat


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            I'd love a couple of seeds from each of your: Purple russian tomato, Shirley tomato and Apache Chilli seeds - and have the following seeds to exchange if you're interested:

            Tomato Costoluto Genovese
            Tomato Roma
            Purple Sprouting Broccoli
            Italian Salad Leaves Mix
            Autumn King 2 Carrots
            Spring Onion

            Cockle Shells
            Sweet Peas
            Livingstone Daisy (mixed)
            Poppy Californian
            Cerinthe (blue kiwi)



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              hi sparkles
              no problem, would love to trade for some purple sprouting broccoli and the genevese tomatoe.
              will pm you, cheers
              Rotten gardener, much better at sci fi knowledge but trying REAL hard to grow anything I can eat


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