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Tomato Seed Circle 2020


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    Yes please (for my sins)!

    Will be a lucky dip in terms of varieties, but I have 7 from Tomatoeden, Ruby from Realseeds, and one called Azoychka which I'm intrigued by, and 'De Barrao' from Victoriana.

    TomatoEden list is: Kozula132, Zabava, Raisin Vert, Glacial Zebra, Maglia Rosa, Cosmic Eclipse and Amethyst Jewel....
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      Hoping to save these varieties this year...

      Sibirsky Skorospelyi
      Maglia Rosa
      Clear Pink Early
      Cosmonaut Volkov
      Ambrosia Red
      Dwarf Arctic Rose
      Dwarf Rosella Purple
      Dwarf Tasmanian Chocolate


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        OMG!!! Loving those names


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          Maglia Rosa is a cross of Blush x Zucchero. Determinate plant with Blush-shaped pink fruit.

          Ambrosia Red is a red cherry, one of the several open pollinated Ambrosia varieties bred from Sungold F1.

          The three Dwarfs are all part of the Dwarf Tomato Project. They grow to 3-4ft high and don't require pruning. Rosella Purple and Tasmanian Chocolate I grew last year but they got battered by winds outdoors and ending up snapping. The fruit set on both was really heavy so I'm making some small cages out of stock fencing, bamboo stakes just weren't enough. This year they'll be in the greenhouse. Rosella Purple is supposedly similar to Cherokee Purple, Tasmanian Chocolate comes from Paul Robeson and Arctic Rose from Black from Tula.
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            Hello all, I'm in again this year if you don't mind me sending in seeds from tomatoes grown from those sent out in the 2019 swap?!
            I haven't made my mind up what ones yet, just soooooo much choice
            Will have at least 4 types to choose from when the time comes.

            Happy sowing everyone
            The thing I grow best are very large slugs!


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              Can I be in the circle hopefully as Tomatoes are my favourite plant - but have never saved tomato seed before so will be a complete newbie

              Last year I grew -
              Black Cherry
              Yellow pear,
              Gardeners delight
              Black cherry
              Tumbling red
              Tumbling yellow
              Sungold ( not suitable as F1)
              Sweet million ( not suitable as F1)

              This year will be roughly the same, but am busy browsing Nickys Nursery and Real seeds for a few extra x

              Edited my new tomato seeds arrived - I went a tad mad, but do share plants locally, hoping to save seeds from some of these, and very excited about them

              Tomato Yellow Cherry Gold Nugget
              Tomato White Cherry
              Tomato Riesentraube Cherry
              Tomato Orange Banana
              Tomato Indigo Rose
              Tomato Dwarf Variety Red Robin
              Tomato Currant Sweet Pea
              Tomato Currant Gold Rush
              Tomato Cherry Sweet Aperitif
              Tomato Cherry Pink Grape
              Tomato Cherry Rosella
              Tomato Cherry Brown Berry
              Tomato Black Zebra Cherry
              Tomato Black Russian
              Tomato Black Opal
              Tomato Black Cherry
              Tomato Banana Legs
              TOMATO SNOWBERRY
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                I'm in, hopely


                House cherry tomato

                Gigante liscio vine

                Wentzell short vine

                all from Real seeds, hope to save from two of them.
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                  Go on then, I'll have another try
                  Reif's Red Heart plus one other still to be decided...if that's ok?


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                    I am growing 1 not on the list from last year so put me down for that, I will let you know about the other later...

                    "a medium sized beefsteak green tomato. Full of flavour and nice and firm. A great tasting heirloom tomato that matures green, ideal for slicing, sandwiches, salads and frying. Indeterminate 75 days." Click image for larger version

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                    The picture is not mine!
                    The thing I grow best are very large slugs!


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                      Count me in. Absolutely no idea what with yet though .


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                        Me too!

                        Hawiian Currant (So fun for children. They can pick for hours)
                        Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifter
                        Peacevine Cherry

                        If you have a favorite type or color I will add it to the list if I have it.

                        Welcome to the forum TT, I will have to draw your attention to the rules regarding joining a seed swap here

                        basically you have to be a member for 3 months and have posted 50 posts before you can join.
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                          Welcome TT... plenty of time to get your post count up to get into this seed swap. Hope you enjoy the threads.
                          The thing I grow best are very large slugs!


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                            To anyone still thinking about signing up:
                            My first lot of seeds received from last years swap have germinated, Red Robin, courtesy of Cadalot.

                            I am saving my other choices until a more "sensible" time to sow. Hopefully these ones will be my indoor early tomatoes growing happily on my kitchen windowsill.
                            The thing I grow best are very large slugs!


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                              Originally posted by Thelma Sanders View Post
                              Go on then, I'll have another try
                              Reif's Red Heart plus one other still to be decided...if that's ok?
                              Other than RRH I've decided on Nectar Rose, Rosella, Jaune Flamme, GardenPearl, Cornue des Andes and Kibitz.

                              So if anyone has a favourite out of those, please let me know


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                                I'd love to join in with this I've never saved tomato seeds before. I've got a few varieties from wild boar farms which have just sprouted up so as long as I get some lovely tomatoes from them I'm happy to save and swap!


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