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Cleaning up saved seeds


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  • Cleaning up saved seeds

    So this is a load of lettuce seed I saved today by placing the seeded lettuce plants in a bag and gently shaking them until just about everything that could fall off had fallen off.

    I noticed a lot of caterpillars and other insects which I picked out, but there is a lot of husk and fluff that needs sorting from seed.

    Any ideas on how I can get a clean exchange between seed and scurf without picking out all the individual bits ?
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    Real seeds suggest shaking it through a sieve.
    How To Save Your Own Seed at Home
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      Put a little in a deepish bowl give it a good shake and the seeds will go to the bottom, then blow gently across the top and the chaff will come off. Give another shake and do it again. You won’t get rid of all the chaff but most of it.
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        Yep, shake and blow
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