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Can horseradish get mildew?


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  • Can horseradish get mildew?

    Heya, wasn't sure whether this would be a question for the herb folks on this one or the disease board, but here goes!

    My horseradish has been growing nicely in a container (planted last year) and sprouted nicely this year as the weather improved. It's about a foot or so tall at the moment but I've noticed a problem on the new leaves. Basically it looks like a very severe attack of mildew - cloudy when the leaves snap and come off (cause I have actually pulled all the affected leaves off as a starter) and covering much of the baby leaves and stems right in the centre of the crown as it were.

    I was kinda hoping for a crop from it this year, but just wondering if this spells doom for the plants - seemed very early for mildew though...

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