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What is attacking my bay tree?


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  • What is attacking my bay tree?

    Since the winter ended, I have noticed that my little bay tree has been getting some rather unappetising brown spots and holes on its leaves (see attached pic).

    What is causing this? What can I do about it?

    The tree is in a very sheltered garden and has not been over-watered in the recent dry weather. There donít appear to be any insects/parasites or caterpillars living on it. I am a bit stumped!

    It has been fed about once a year with a few chicken manure pellets and a bit of liquid comfrey fertiliser but nothing more.

    Any ideas?

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    It looks like you may have some bay tree scale insects at work there Storm. I would trim out the worst affected bits and keep an eye on it - mine has the same problem. I haven't found a remedy yet - apart from the secateurs!
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      Thanks for that. I will have a closer look. I couldn't see anything crawling over it (e.g. aphids or similar insect) but that was a while back in the early spring so perhaps the little critters were still dormant...
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