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  • Love Herbs? Go to Homebase.....

    If you're quick, you can snaffle up a small pot of herb seedlings, and 'tease' the seedlings apart ever so gently, and have loads of plants for free.

    I've recently done this with coriander, curly parsley, flatleaf parsley, and dill.
    To be perfectly honest with you, for the pennies you're spending there, you'd not BUY a packet of seeds for that price, and you've completely cut out the dodgy seed germination, the pricking out and potting on process?

    THEN you can concentrate on growing the herbs from seed that you never see for sale, like Lemon Basil, Lettuce-Leaf Basil, Chervil, Cumin....

    I hope this tip has helped some of you, because if you love to grow as much as me, you must also love to cook with it.

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